Awaken your skins potential with Moss facials which are designed to hydrate and rejuvenate whilst also uplifting mentally and physically.

Collagen Renewal Facial

30 minutes  |  $110
60 minutes  |  $200

Indulge yourself with this advanced treatment to restore radiance and boost collagen renewal for
smoother skin regeneration. This is a highly concentrated and active treatment that combines the
relaxation of a spa facial with a clinical skin treatment to improve firmness & hydration.

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Clarifying Lactic Acid Peel

30 minutes |  $110
60 minutes |  $180

A special facial peel that helps to improve the skin’s texture, reduce scarring and reduces pigmentation to name a few.

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Radiating Vitamin Peel

45 minutes |  $150

This advanced facial peel helps brighten skin by working to restore the growth of healthy, young skin cells, increasing cell turnover and normalising cell function.

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