Take your brows from fab to fabulous.

Brows are still in and we all love that here at Moss. And gone are the days where ‘this is the shape that suits you’ - if you like it and feel confident in those brows then let us shape, trim, tweeze or tame them for you.

Brows are subject to trends like everything else and while au naturale has been popular this year we're seeing a rising request for other looks.

Now was it arched towards the tail end, arched in the middle, high arch, blunt and trimmed or tapered? In terms of shape, there is an endless amount of options you can try so let our team help you.

With all the products our there, you can now make them look thicker, more defined, add hair at the end for that tapered look or simply keep them au naturale with minimal plucking. 

View our gallery and pick your favourite.