Oily dry-skin vs dehydrated skin

During winter you may notice itchy dry patches on your skin or the skin is that little more sensitive. These are often the first signs of dryness. Several factors contribute to dry skin during winter, such as cold winds, frosty mornings, heat pumps, but the one to watch is the UVA in sunlight. It may be winter but exposure to UVA still gets through the grey clouds and adds to skin dryness.

There is a big difference between having an oily dry-skin and a dehydrated skin. Dehydrated skin is skin that is lacking in moisture while oil dry-skin is due to the skin not producing enough natural sebum (oil). Read the characteristics below to determine which kind of dryness this may be.

Dehydrated skin characteristics

• Looks dull
• Feels tight
• Feels rough
• Is more sensitive that usual
• Shows fine lines
• Shows accelerated signs of ageing, like sagging skin and deep wrinkles

Dry skin characteristics

• Feels rough
• Feels itchy
• Appears dry and can be flaky

For both conditions, our number one recommendation is to drink plenty of water and use top quality ingredients where possible. We suggest giving the B-hydrated serum from Juvenate a go. Not only does this product contain 4 different types of hyaluronic acid to hydrate the skin on different levels, but it also softens, soothes and fights inflammatory conditions in the skin.

This product is also rich in vitamins B5 and B3, to protect the skin against the external environment and soothes sensitive skin.

Other benefits include:

*  Helps to promote the formation of collagen, improving visible skin texture and tone.

*  Improves the functional and structural strength of the skin while supporting the skin barrier.

*  Manages the negative results that stress can have on your skin.

*  Ideal for all skin types concerned with hydration and most beneficial for problematic skin such as inflammation/redness and acne.

It can be used twice a day to cleansed skin, prior to the application of your moisturiser. Treat yourself this winter and step into spring with gorgeous, glowing skin.

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