Gentle strokes are great for all hands.

Hands are one of the most neglected parts of the body and the Moss team believe hand treatments should be incorporated into your regime.

The Moss team decided to get more involved in the local community and after a few discussions and phone calls, the team now make regular visits to the Merrivale Retirement Village.

At least once a month, the Moss team pack up their tools and head down to visit the residents at the Village. The residents can choose from hand massages, a nail trim and file with polish or indulge in the whole hand treatment.

'The team and I love doing this,' says Kirsten, 'and the residents love to see us'. When asked if it was popular, Kirsten says, 'it took a while for the residents to get accustomed to us visiting but now they all want to participate in some way, whether it's to have a treatment or just have a chat with us. They have some amazing stories.' 

The Moss team take a tailored approach with each resident, assessing which creams to use and being very careful in handling the hands with care. 'We use gentle strokes with light pressure and we only trim the nails, not the cuticles as these can get very sensitive as we age'.